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Our family has owned and enjoyed Rokenbok products over the past several years.   Rokenbok makes quality toys that our family trusts and has provided us with years of fun playtime and creative learning. We are in total agreement with their slogan that Rokenbok is “Playtime well spent”!
Never heard of Rokenbok? Rokenbok has earned numerous toy awards for their products. You will be amazed with the tremendous value that you get from Rokenbok toys with their robust features and from the longevity of family playtime that these toys deliver.
Rokenbok Company Introduction Video

Already own Rokenbok products?
   Rokenbok’s quality toy products are even better now with new product enhancements that include the new wireless ROK STAR controller and truck sounds!  Unfortunately for those of us with older Rokenbok RC operated vehicles, the new wireless ROK Star controller is not backwards compatible with the older model vehicles.  

Rokenbok was very kind to send TruckFun4Kids.com two of their new Action Sets for us to review.  For more information about Rokenbok, please visit their website at www.rokenbok.com. 

GET ROK'N Young Builder Action Set  (Reviewed 11/11/2010)
Manufacturer Recommended for Ages 3 & Up
$100 Approximate Retail Price  

Key Features
*Remote Control Dump Truck loads from both front and rear of truck, dumps in front, has four-wheel drive, can spin in place, and has a large capacity dump bed that holds about 50 ROKS (balls).
*Dump Truck has front headlights. Sounds include back-up warning, horn, and siren. 
*ROK Star wireless controller works with other ROK Star vehicles that are sold separately. 
*Motorized Conveyor that is activated when ROKS are dumped into it.
*ROKS roll through chutes and are sorted by color into dispensing loading docks.
*Set includes ROK Blocks that can be built into a trailer for the dump truck, airplane, windmill, or anything else your child can imagine.
*Battery operated.  Requires 9 AA batteries.

Our Thoughts
Watching the dump truck in action is a lot of fun. The dump truck has a four-wheel drive skid steering capability which allows it to perform a 360 degree spin.  Way Cool !  We really liked that the dump truck can load from the front or back so younger children can drive forward into the loading dispensers without getting frustrated while they are trying to master their back-up skills. 
See our video below of the GET ROK'N Young Builder Action Set

The new wireless ROK Star controller is a great enhancement and simple to operate.  The instructions were easy to follow with large illustrations.  Building the construction site and the cargo trailer was simple.  Children close to 3 years old will likely need some assistance building the various components since the set includes some small parts.   Even though we have seen the motorized conveyor in action before, it never gets old watching it at work.  We still get a kick out of seeing the red and blue ROK balls rolling through the chutes and automatically sorting into their color specific truck loading dispensers.   

We think that your family will enjoy this product just as much as ours!  We also believe that children over the age of six will be interested in this set.   The remote control dump truck and motorized conveyor are awesome! 

ROK WORKS Construction & Action Set 
(Reviewed 11/11/2010)
Manufacturer Recommended for Ages 6 & Up
$130 Approximate Retail Price

Key Features
*Remote Control Loader truck scoops ROKS from the front of the vehicle into its rear dump bed which holds about 20 ROKS (balls).
*Loader truck has four-wheel drive, can spin in place, front headlights, and remote controlled trailer hitch for optional trailers that are sold separately.
*Loader truck sounds include back-up warning, horn, and siren. 
*ROK Star wireless controller works with other ROK Star vehicles that are sold separately. 
*Motorized Conveyor that is activated when ROKS are dumped into it.
*ROKS roll through dispensing chutes and sorted by color into two ROK dumping bins or can be diverted to the Quarry ROK bed.
*Set includes over 141 pieces.
*Battery operated.  Requires 9 AA batteries.

Our Thoughts

The Loader vehicle in the "ROK WORKS Construction and Action Set" performs double duty as both a loader and a dump truck.  Similar to the Dump Truck in the "GET ROK'N Young Builder Action Set", the Loader truck has four-wheel drive and can perform 360 degree spins.  It also has a really cool remote controlled trailer hitch that can be used with the optional Night Shift trailer or a custom built trailer using ROK Blocks (both sold separately).  We really like the new truck sounds and we especially like the truck back-up warning sound.  If you decide to purchase additional ROK Star compatible vehicles, taking control of a different vehicle with the ROK Star controller is very simple.  All you have to do is press the "R" button on the ROK Star controller and aim the red light at the ROK Star compatible vehicle that you want to control.   We were able to quickly switch control from the Loader truck to the Dump truck we received from the "GET ROK'N Young Builder Action set".  
See our video below of the ROK WORKS Construction & Action Set

Compared to the "GET ROK'N Young Builder Action Set", the "ROK WORKS Construction & Action Set" has more small parts and installation of the dispensing chutes requires more skill.  Children close to age six may need a little assistance building some of the components.  We also liked the included work site office which can be a fun place for young construction workers to "take a break or review the building plans".  

If your family loves trucks and construction toys, we believe that you will be pleased with how much fun playtime and imaginative building this product will provide your entire family.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in these product reviews are solely those of TruckFun4Kids.com, LLC. TruckFun4Kids.com, LLC did not receive monetary compensation for these product reviews.  Free product was supplied by the manufacturer for the product review and for a product Giveaway (Closed).

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